Aug 23, 2022

Easel is Here

Rejoice, clan Pylons! Free mobile art publishing is live. Last week Easel was approved on the iOS App Store, it's now available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. You can use it to upload images, videos, 3D models, and more from your device to IPFS, get a permalink to them, and with the Pylons app you can put your content up for sale.

With this release, we have a product that's unique in blockchain. You can sell on-chain art from your mobile phone, for no upfront cost, without ever needing to buy or accept cryptocurrency if you don't want to.

Because Pylons chain is still a testnet, this is not a way for artists to generate revenue - yet. There are two currencies users can buy with: Stripe USD, which is in test mode and requires users to use card "4242 4242 4242 4242" and Pylons Points, which can be purchased through In-App Purchasing.  Because we are still a testnet, we don't have a redemption policy for creators yet. We will have one, though. Pylons Points acquired by creators will be redeemable for USD through a process to be unveiled after mainnet.

Give it a shot, and get warmed up. Mainnet soon.

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance