We support passionate founders building promising decentralized applications on the Pylons platform.

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Up to 50,000 $ROCK investment per project, with the potential for follow-on rounds



Receive Bedrock for building mobile apps in Flutter with our SDK



Collect fiat payments to your own merchant account for on-chain purchases


Our main areas of focus are:
1) Chain Upgrades and Maintenance
2) Wallet App upgrades and Maintenance
3) New Pylons apps (inluding games)
4) Documentation

Though, we are open to whatever ideas you have.
Some examples could be:

• Upgrade the Cosmos SDK on Pylons
• Speed up the Pylons block time
• Help build an IBC connection to Stargaze (probably with ICS-721)
• Add Stargaze chain support to the Pylons Wallet app
• Add Agoric support to the Pylons Wallet app
• Build an NFT marketplace product for Pylons NFTs
• Build a mobile game on Pylons
• Build our event ticketing product on Pylons
• Document any portion of the Pylons stack, but especially the mobile SDK for games and apps

or anything else you think we should be looking at!
You can apply at any time. To get started, fill out our application below. We target a 1-week turnaround from application to outreach to shape a fundable proposal with milestones, so don't wait!
Applications are within the scope of a currently open grant category.

Work done within the infrastructure grants is open source and published under a free software license e.g MIT.

Applications and submissions must be in English language.

Anyone contributing withing the grants program must ensure a high level of personal and professional ethics and morals as well as respecting the Pylons core principles and values.
There is no specific upper or lower limit to the size of the grant issued. As long as the grant application meets all criteria, as well as fully justifying the requested grant amount, it is possible that it can be approved.
Grants will be paid in our native Bedrock tokens ($ROCK). Grants are paid in stages, with agreed milestones on the roadmap serving as checkpoints.

$ROCK is not available on any trading system for compliance reasons, but it is available to builders. Get your stake in. Build on the best mobile blockchain platform out there.
Have more questions for us? Join our Discord to shoot us a message or Tweet us @pylonstech


We target a 1-week turnaround from application to outreach to shape a fundable proposal with milestones, so don't wait!


Check out the current GitHub Issues as well as read up on how our SDK works on PubDev below

GitHub Issues // Pylons SDK Docs

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance