Jun 28, 2022

Engineering Update

Hey there Pylonians!

Here’s an update from the Pylons Director of Engineering on the chain status and getting us ready for mainnet launch:

IAP (In App Purchase) support for Pylons App on the Chain

We are implementing Apple and Google IAP to issue ecosystem tokens to a user instantly upon receipt verification by the Pylons chain. This approach enables users to generate a receipt through ApplePay/Google Pay which will unlock Pylons tokens for item purchases. Ecosystem tokens are not cryptocurrency; they are like in-game currency that can be used for buying items but can’t be transferred between users. This feature eliminates any need to go to a crypto exchange or holding cryptocurrency. The experience of acquiring a digital item will be as seamless as using ApplePay/Google Pay to buy a coffee, a movie, or a plane ticket.

Spam Mitigation

One thing that makes the Pylons chain unique is our gas-free architecture, designed to power free-to-play experiences. On other chains, high gas fees might act as a deterrent to spammers. Without gas, we had to devise a mechanism to ensure spam is not an issue.

To handle this, we turned to web 2.0 for methods that protect the free-to-access sites we all visit every day. We have put systems in place to ensure transactions from malicious users will be monitored and limited as well as a transaction authorization mechanism for additional security. This is just about ready for more testing, and we will continue to build in new ways to keep the network up and fast for legitimate users.

Upcoming: Cosmos SDK 46 upgrade

We are working with teams that are heavily involved in the SDK 46 upgrade that’s still in progress. The SDK 46 upgrade will enable us to have better testnet features for easier development and will help with better Governance work through message proposals, as well as build a better platform in general supporting digital items.

Some highlights from the upgrade include:

New Module: x/group

Msg-based Gov Proposals

Baseapp PostHandlers

Transaction Tips and SIGN_MODE_DIRECT_AUX

We are very excited to be getting closer to the Mainnet launch day by day and will keep you updated every week.

Have a great week everyone!

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance