Dec 13, 2022

mainnet-1 🥳

After almost three hard years of solid work from many determined individuals building the next-generation layer 1 blockchain, the Pylons team is pleased to announce the arrival of Mainnet-1!

Our vision is to bring online ownership to regular people, on their phones, with their regular money. From art to event tickets to games, Pylons will make digital ownership make sense. That's why we built the next generation layer 1 blockchain for all: Pylons chain is the first chain with the economics to be the future of online ownership and we’re happy you’re here with us on the journey.

The chain is up and making blocks, and you can log in with your wallet and see all your items, publish art, and buy art.

On top of launching Mainnet, Pylons has officially joined the Blockchain Game Alliance, a community of individuals, developers, and platforms working to bring blockchain gaming to the billions of users that already play games on their phones. The Pylons chain was built from the ground up to natively support blockchain gaming and with the launch of mainnet, we’re bringing developers and gamers into our community to show off what Pylons can really do. If you have a game or an idea for a game you want to bring into Web3? reach out to us on Discord or Twitter and we’d be happy to talk more!

Last, if you haven’t seen already, we just launched our 2022 crowdfunding round on Republic. For the first time, our community of users, partners, and friends will have the opportunity to participate in our equity raise on one of the world's leading crowdfunding platforms. It's been complicated to raise equity in a way that is properly open to retail investors. We believe in the long run that playing by the rules is how we will win. You can read more about Pylons and become an investor over on our Republic page.

We can’t thank everyone enough for supporting us along the way and we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store!

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance