Jun 14, 2022

Monday Update #11 - Drop #2 tomorrow

Hello! Last week we did our first drop, To The Moon, in an edition of 1000, and it was fully claimed in under 48 hours. With just a handful of support requests in our first public push, we feel great about the quality of the Pylons app. Thanks to all who claimed, and hodl onto the photo to be eligible for more incentives at mainnet launch.

With the launch planned for later this year, we're very excited to go to market supported by longstanding and emerging partners in the Cosmos and beyond. I made some fun plans with some ecosystem partners at Osmocon and Consensus in Austin this week, and we're excited for you to see them.

Tomorrow we'll release a new piece by a different artist. Keep watch for @pylonstech on Twitter where we will post the link to buy!

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance