Apr 12, 2022

Monday Update #3

Today's update is something that has been in progress for a long time, and that I've been waiting to be able to say: The Pylons chain repository is now public on Github.

A lot of people have worked on this repository over time, at least three distinct teams, in its journey from the creation of Pylons, LLC through today. It has been updated through several versions of the Cosmos SDK, it has gone through several testing and deployment paradigms, it's been running with 40 validators since the end of last year, and now you can go check it out.

We believe that it does things that are both unique and necessary, and will be transformative for the space, enabling more direct payment processor integration, and a gas-free mobile blockchain paradigm that will make digital items accessible to the masses. It's a dream we've been building toward in private for a while, in many ways swimming against the current of the blockchain conventional wisdom and we are ready to show it to you. It always feels like a project could use just a little more polish, of course, but now is the time to get more eyes on it. Starting from today, we are building in public.

Next up, if you want to see me speak in Banff next week at https://www.thenftgathering.com/ you have afew hours left to secure tickets. Go, go go!

As always, jump on http://discord.gg/pylons and say hi, or ask questions, or anything else. We love to hear from all of you beautiful chipmunks. And we are hiring for senior devs.

See you next week!

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance