Apr 26, 2022

Monday Update #5 - New validators

Hello, happy Monday! I'm excited to announce that the Pylons team has selected the first round of 50 new validators for Phase 1 of the incentivized testnet. We received more than 500 applications and combing through so many great candidates was a challenge.

We will be reaching out over the next few days to notify each of the selected validators to discuss the KYC and onboarding processes. With only 50 slots, we couldn't possibly include everyone, but there will be more opportunities to contribute and to earn points in the incentivized testnet. As we move through the phases of the testnet, we will also expand the validator pool. Preference will be given to validators who contribute to code, testing, and documentation during the testnet.

Pylons is a user-first, mobile-first zone, and the Pylons testnet is a user-first, mobile-first testnet. We will have validator challenges, but we will also have user, artist, and developer challenges. We believe that users need to come first, and that includes during the testnet. So our first testnet reward is for users, which you can earn even before the incentivized testnet launches.

Tomorrow at noon Pacific time we will have a special update with the claim link to our launch NFT. Download the Pylons app (Android and iOS) now if you want to be ready and try to snag a low issue number!

We are lifting off. Hop in, it'll be fun.

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance