May 24, 2022

Monday Update #9 - The Testnet is Live

Hey there Pylonians!

We have some exciting things coming this week! As you know, the team has been heads down and working hard behind the scenes making changes, fixing bugs, and getting the apps and everything else in-between ready for the incentivized testnet kickoff. We learned a lot from our test a few weeks back and it resulted in quite a few changes, so thank you to everyone who participated. We have been running testnet-3 with 80 validators for a few weeks now, and it's been smooth sailing, so we are declaring the start of incentive season!

Later this week you'll be invited to explore the Pylons app and participate in a series of bi-weekly drops featuring various Pylons artists. Each drop will be worth points in our incentivized testnet program, with additional rewards for the more you collect.  There will be lots of ways to earn points, and this is just the beginning. The leaderboard will be released at the conclusion of the challenge series, with top scoring participants being awarded something special from team Pylons.

To join in on the fun, make sure you've downloaded the Pylons app (available on iOS & Android) and watch our Discord channel for drop updates.

One of the changes we made after the last test was that we've recently rekeyed our systems from 24 to 12 key bases. If you currently hold a 24-word key, please reach out to us in Discord and we'll help move you over on top of granting you points for being an OG holder gift. If you have the latest version of the Pylons app installed and do not see 12 words on the recovery phrase screen, that's you, and you will need to migrate to a new key.

If you have any issues installing Pylons, ping our #support channel in the Discord.

The Pylons are lifting off. Hop in, it'll be fun.

Have a great week everyone!

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance