Aug 16, 2022

Pylons has Revenue

Last week we launched our native in-app purchasing feature for our Pylons Points, which lets users buy low-ticket art, we've been making and sharing some work in our Discord, and a few people decided to make some purchases! Thanks to everyone who participated in building, testing, and using the feature. Here's a photo I minted in honor of our first few sales:

First Pylons Revenue
Photo of a victory sign in front of iOS dashboard displaying first Pylons revenuePrice: 8 PYLON

The photo costs about a dollar to purchase, and it's an edition of 500. Grab one with your Android or iOS device to memorialize the first native app store to blockchain integration!

We are working on getting our art minter approved for public release, so that everyone can join in making lightweight digital art. Hopefully very soon!

Next week we will have an update for you on the path to mainnet. We have been making good progress.

Have a cool mid-August!

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance