Nov 21, 2022

Become a Shareholder on Republic

Hello, and a very gm to you all!

I am extremely stoked to tell you all that we just launched our 2022 crowdfunding round on Republic. For the first time, our community of users, partners, and friends will have the opportunity to participate in our equity raise on one of the world's leading crowdfunding platforms.

Our investment page is LIVE! We think this is the first time a layer 1 project is raising equity in a way that is open to retail US investors. We believe in the long run that playing by the rules is how we will win.

Pylons combines the power of art and technology to make digital items accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. We’ve built the next generation layer 1 blockchain that makes mobile games, mobile music, and mobile art accessible in a permissionless way on people’s phones.

We are very excited about this, and what we will be able to build with our partners as we grow the community and release more SDKs.

We can’t thank everyone enough for supporting us and sharing the Pylons vision along the way and we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store!

Please share the link as much as possible, we want as broad an investor community as we can get!

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance