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The Pylons app is a NFT wallet that seamlessly allows you to purchase NFTs issued on the pylons blockchain using Apple or Google Pay or a debit or credit card (Android only).

NFTs you’ve purchased are securely stored in your Collections tab and can be downloaded and/or shared on any social media platform or set as your mobile device wallpaper and/or lock screen background.

Easel is a tool that allows you to create NFTs from any mobile device.

After you successfully upload an audio, video or image file to IPFS, you’ll then be able to enter information pertaining to your NFT.

Once you press “Publish”, a NFT is created on the Pylons blockchain and available for purchase on the Pylons app.

You can use Pylons on the following devices:

Apple App Store: Requires iOS 11.0 or higher
Google Play Store: Requires Android OS 6.0 or higher

App Store  Play Store

Draft NFTs contain an IPFS Content ID, but require additional information to be published on the Pylons blockchain and listed for sale on the Pylons app.

You can remove an active NFT listing, but you can never unpublish a NFT.

It does not cost anything to publish a NFT using Easel!

We assess a network fee of 10% the list price for all on-chain transactions that will be deducted from the seller’s proceeds for each individual transaction on a per edition basis.

Both Apple and Google assess a 30% fee for all in-app purchases, which is deducted from your total net proceeds whenever you initiate a cash withdrawal. For debit and credit card transactions (Android only), Stripe assesses a 2.9% fee plus 30 cents per transaction.

Cash relates to the proceeds from the sale of NFTs purchased via debit or credit cards, which is only available to Android users.

Credits are redeemable for cash and serve as our in-app currency, which passes the 30% app store fee both Apple and Google charge to users for the benefit of creators, effectively allowing NFT sellers and creators the ability to extract more economic value from the sale of their assets.

We are committed to empowering individuals within the Pylons ecosystem, so we offer redeemable credits as a way to pass costly app store fees through to buyers in order to put more money in pocket’s of artists, sellers and game developers.

You can purchase Pylons credit to buy NFTs denominated in credit using your Apple or Google Wallet. Credits can also be purchased through an Apple App Store or Google Play Store card (depending on your device choice.) You can find these at your local Apple Store as well as most convenience and grocery stores.

As long as you backup your private key either manually or via iCloud/Google Cloud, you can download the Pylons app on your new device and recover your account.

Once you set your Pylons username it can never be changed.

However, you can change your Pylons profile display name in the Pylons app or the artist alias name for new draft NFTs you wish to publish in Easel.

You can delete your Pylons wallet from the device it is installed on, but you can never truly delete your wallet, since it is stored on the Pylons blockchain indefinitely.

Tap the flag icon located in the top-right corner of the Pylons app to provide feedback, report bugs, or any offensive content you wish to bring to our attention.

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