Freemium is the business model of the internet. Web3 needs freemium mechanics to go mainstream, and Pylons natively powers mobile Web3 experiences with in-app purchasing. By charging commission instead of gas Pylons securely empowers developers to fulfill the promise of blockchain using the business models that make the internet work.

Onboarding The Planet

Pylons is the only sovereign layer 1 that can onboard free-to-play mobile users and get them hooked without making them KYC or buy a token. Web3 so far has been user-hostile, accessible only by experts. Despite a lot of effort the only dapps that have achieved real usage are used by highly motivated users. Maybe chains have promised on-chain gaming but has not yet delivered anything really playable and fun. Gas fees and wallet usability have pushed gaming to layer 2s or even layer 3s which adds major friction to the user experince. Pylons makes on-chain gaming as smooth and easy as mainstream mobile gaming.

Cleanest Fiat Onramp

Pylons incentives its validators and token holders with commissions instead of gas fees. Consumers want to pay in fiat and only when they buy something. Pylons solves this with a unique payment-based fiat bridge. Pylons users can directly buy the digital asset they want by using a credit card, with the dapp developer as the merchant. Users don't buy a tradable network token or stablecoin when they want to make a purchase. Pylons instead directly issues the desired asset in exchange for the payment by having the chain process the receipt or by issuing an untradeable purchase credit when using in-app purchasing.

Interchain Fiat Gateway

Pylons will be the best fiat onramp for non-token purchasing on other chains. Our first partnership will be with Stargaze, and will enable holders of Stargaze NFTs to list them on Pylons for USD, and reach a broad audience without forcing users to KYC so they can buy STARS as their first action. After that we will actively add other products to the system. Pylons will enable any chain doing non-financial products like games and art to onboard users without KYC.

Real Technology for Real Products

We have built the solution to web3's biggest long-term problem: real user onboarding. Pylons is a chain, a mobile wallet app, and an SDK, that enables web3 devs to build freemium mass-market experiences that are truly blockchain-native. Economic incentives for validators and builders are provided by the Bedrock ($ROCK) token, that receives a percentage of all payments on the chain. And we want to drop some $ROCK on you all.

Available on iOS, Android, & GitHub


We will be dropping up to Bedrock token to community members who earn it by promoting the project, using the project, and building on the project, plus some tokens to members of related communities who have demonstrated interest in non-monetary blockchain assets like NFTs.



The second part of the drop will go to creators. Mint assets on the chain to be eligible. The more wallets hold your work, (especially if they were paid works) the more $ROCK you will receive.

If you want to be part of the promotion and get some Bedrock, get in touch! m@pylons.tech

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Why Not Be A Layer 2?

Layer 2s, rollups, etc are great for investors who have L1 bags already. From a user perspective they make product experience worse. A chain that handles real commerce and produces real value has no need to store its state on another chain. the reason to build a layer 2 is to attract liquidity from the parent chain so you can take some of it for yourself.

Since Pylons is a real technology for actually building end-user products, it makes no sense for it to be a layer 2.

Pylons is a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance